Monsters will despawn when there is no target in range for some time. If a target is range, the respawn timer will reset.

Certain monsters only spawn at night or day while some will spawn the entire day.

Bosses and monsters in Survival, Arena, and Dungeon Boss are different. Their HP, Damage, and loot table are different. Because Dungeon Boss mode is challenging, the rewards upon completion is greater and will offer players unique drop only found in Dungeon Boss mode.

Please note that if you do not see any monsters in the cave, then it could mean that the BOSS has spawned and the other monster's spawn rates have lowered. If that is the case, you have a few minutes to find the bosses before it despawns.

Monster / NPC spawns are random.  Every spawn in the game has it's own chance.  Everything is factored together and the system will roll a number and that number will determine what to spawn.

The more "free" space you have, the better it will be as there are "free" space for regenerating.

ie: if you are looking for the worm boss and you can't find it, kill off the monsters you see instead of ignoring it as it could prevent the worm boss from spawning due to spawn limit.

Image Bosses HP Skill Found Drops
Wiki wormboss
Worm Boss 200+ Cave 1 Worm Crystal
Wiki slimeboss
Slime Boss 500+ Cave 2 Slime Crystal
Wiki devilboss
Devil Boss 3000+ Cave 3 / 6 Devil Crystal
Wiki tenboss
Tentacle Boss 10000+ Cave 5 Tentacle Crystal
Wiki skelcap
Skeleton Captain 500+ Cave 5
Wiki batboss
Bat Boss 30000+ Cave 6
Wiki chickboss
Image Monsters HP Skill Found Drops
Wiki worm
Worm Cave 1 worm
Wiki slime
Slime Cave 1-5 & Surface Sap
Wiki devil
Devil(red) Cave 1-3 & Surface
Wiki ten
Tentacle Cave 5 Seaweed
Wiki skel
Skeleton Bones



Wiki bat
Bat cave 5-6
Wiki chicken
Angry Chicken Spawns randomly from the Chicken Boss Flesh (from the normal spawned chickens wandering around)

Chicken eggs

Wiki deviljungle
Jungle Devil Cave 4-5 Copper ore
Wiki skelarcher
Skeleton Archer Cave 2-5 Wood Arrows
Wiki skelban
Skeleton Bandana Cave 3
Wiki mage
Fireball Mage Fire


Wiki gob
Wiki gobelder
Goblin Elder
Wiki gobarcher
Goblin Archer Copper Arrows
Wiki jungleslim
Slime Jungle Cave 3-5
Wiki mage
Fireball Mage II
Wiki mage
Fireball Mage III
Wiki mage
Fireball Mage IV
Wiki spider
Spider Cave 5+ Web

Dirt Tiles

Wiki hand
evil hand
Wiki puddle
Mud monster Cave 3 Mud Tiles