Accessories can be found in chests, fishing, crafting and as a drop from monsters and bosses.

To craft rings, you can use the Ring Forge. With the craft ring, you will need to enchant it using the enchantment table. There are different types of enchants you can apply to the type of ring you crafted.

Image Name Defense Magic Defense Enchantment
Screenshot (86)-0
Gold Ring of Health 0 0 HPRegen
Jade Ring of Poison 0 0 ImmunePoison
Platinum Ring of Defense 1 1 None
Silver Ring Of Speed
Silver Ring of Speed 0 0 MoveSpeed
Copper Ring 0 0 None
Erbium Ring 0 0 None
Gold Ring 0 0 None
Silver Ring 0 0 None
Copper Ring of Defense 1 0 None
Silver Ring of Defense 0 1 None
IMG 0841
Ring of Death 0 0 DropProtect
Copper Ring of Defense II 3 0 None
Silver Ring of Defense II 0 3 None
Silver Ring of Speed II 0 0 MoveSpeed
Gold Ring of Health II 0 0 HPRegen
Gold Ring of Health III 0 0 HPRegen

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