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• 8/14/2017

Suggestion for the surface. Our big bases have no threat.

How about us veteran players with powerful gear and hundreds or thousands of days survived?

Imagine you build a vast kingdom, on thousands of acres of land with farms and motes... but you only come across weak Skeletons or Slimes... Feels kinda pointless.

How about more for the surface? More spawns based on days survived or based on your level. Other ideas recommended post them here! :)
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• 8/14/2017
Make some traps and air defenses from mage and devils please
• 8/15/2017
Yes, surface level monsters have been considered.

It will be scaled with different monsters in a future update.
• 8/18/2017
If the game is going to get harder there should be some features that could make the game easier... And perverted cat has that great idea... WHICH IS ADDING DEFENSE STUFF...
• 8/19/2017
ShinasYoshi, my suggestion is intended for more geared players with higher levels and days survived. The reason why I suggested this is because I've already defeated all the bosses. Which overall was pretty easy. My suggestion WONT make the game harder for you. Just for us more geared players.
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