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Key fishing issues

So I got a rod legend and decided to go fishing, out of the 100 times I fished I only get one key and about 3 dozen chest(one hot sauce and a lemon mustard too), what the f*ck? Cowbeans please decrease the drop chance for chest but increase the dtop chance for keys
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I agree. I have a lot of chests, maybe 40-50 and no key. I tried dungeons and fishing too. Very hard to get the key ...
Let me bet... all of the keys you've gotten were Silver :P

I'm actually pretty satisfied with fishing though... I've gotten plenty of gems (rubies, emeralds, etc...) to replace of the cost of the simple fishing rod to buy it again and again... I've gotten keys... obviously only silver so far, but overall i'm satisfied with the master chests from fishing in which yield better rods and even a chance at decent mounts.
I like how I have so many chest and I can't open them, at least I have a shot with the master chests
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