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• 7/21/2017

Bat boss theorycrafting.

Hey. As someone who killed the previous cave bosses with relative ease, challenging the final (?) bat boss has proven to be quite the pickle. First things first, what do we know? The bat boss is big, with over 30k health, flying capabilities and the bleed attack. This means you can't use walls and things such as that to control the movement of the boss to your favour. But one thing caught my eye. In the quest, it says "Kill the bats". Plural. Multiple bats. I thought you could kill the small ones and get a crystal but boy i was wrong. I saw two of the big bat bosses, at once. This could have been because i had someone else sit in my cave and thus spawning another boss but it doesn't make sense. If the quest description is correct, we could be looking at multiple bat bosses which only makes things worse. Discuss.
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• 7/22/2017
I looked at the drop table for bats and currently it does not drop the crystal but it should ( will be fixed in 1.08). However even if it did drop the chance would be very low, same as slimes, worms, tenticals dropping crystals.

Bat Boss is still the way to go to get the crystal.
• 7/22/2017
can you make the bat crystal drop in dungeon bat..coz i remenber i got either slime crystal or worm crystal from the 1st dungeon....would b really helpfull..
• 7/22/2017
I will check dungeon boss monsters in 1.08 as well.
• 7/23/2017
Cowbeans please make more unbreakable weapons or maybe add unlocked chest please ;-;
• 7/24/2017
@That perverted cat that's a great idea. Maybe 1 in 10 chests will not be locked?
• 7/31/2017
It is not impossible, with good armor potions and soup you could do it...
I have 650 hp, + 22 armor. And i did it
• 8/1/2017
What sword did you use? What tactics? Which potions? Anything helps.
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