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Weapon suggestions

Cowbeans is there a page to send suggestions for weapons?
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you could create one with their comprehension, I believe..Like in this discussion for example.
well I need to send pictures though
use instagram or other websites where u could upload photos then copy the links and paste it in a post or comment while u are suggesting new items
You can send suggestions to the support email. But a suggestion from many individuals is more effective than a suggestion from an individual. So I would suggest using this wikia as a source to collaborate suggestions (ie: up votes) =)
I was thinking of "building" the base structure of the weapons and doing basic coloring on them, while you/your team do the harder job like more advanced coloring
I was thinking more of like rpg system such, I think this could be an idea for development where you could choose a world with rpg settings like magic, monster and weapon such and other kind of realistic world where farming is more often to building houses and stuff. ALthough, it's fun to have a game that also includes farming materials and killing monster. But I kind of more prefer that we could have more option to what we wanna do like typical rpg, building houses, craft weapon and such/
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