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• 7/8/2017

Multiplayer issues

Cowbeans can you make people able to access NPCS in online multiplayer? it's annoying that I can't trade anything, also make people able to pick up your stuff in PVP
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• 7/8/2017
If you could access NPCs in other worlds you could complete the NPC the missions of other person and gain extra diamonds. Easily exploitable.

About trading items, man just aquire patience and wait. Game's on beta, it isn't officially released. There are still many features to be implemented until the full game is released.

Edit: wording.
• 7/9/2017
Erm cursebear you can't repeat a completed quest lol
• 7/9/2017
In another world you could I guess.

Edit: I thought that it was possible to interact with NPCs of other worlds, thus completing other ppl quests. It is not possible.

Edit 2: I looked into it, and it's possible to access quests from other worlds in the Arena's NPCs.
Cowbeans changed the quest of the right one to be equal to the main quest (the one of the inventory), before was medals. Deal is that it's not available in worlds of other players (right NPC).
The left NPC on the other hand (medals quest) is accessible in other worlds. I didn't complete any task yet so I don't know if it syncs with the one of your main world, who knows.

Other thing I noticed is that completing quests does not take your items, just require that you posses them to complete the task. As far as I remember before it consumed the items. Good change!
• 7/11/2017
Some quest consumes your items while some only requires you to have it.

NPC interaction in multiplayer will be available in the future but not at the moment. Hire your own NPC =).

There are more plans for PVP to make it more exciting but it is pretty low in priority at the moment as not a lot of people enjoy it.
• 7/12/2017
Cowbeans you could make them drop their items when they die, so people will play pvp more if they want good items (assuming they killed one)
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