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• 7/3/2017


what does lvl do actually..like do they have any benefit if i have them max...like having max lvl treasure hunting will increase the chance of me fish rarer item or does lvl only for show off in ranking???
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• 7/3/2017
It allows you to do somethings. There's a lvl 2-3 requirement of crafting to do the furnace and some other things. And I guess the symbol near the character (left, bottom) changes color when you have higher levels.
Other than that I never seen nothing relevant yet.
• 7/3/2017
I think mining levels have a chance to drop double, i'm not too sure
• 7/4/2017
Crafting have level restrictions, multiplayer arena and boss dungeons also have level restrictions.

There are more features in the future that requires certain levels.
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