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Tentacle Boss

Tentacle Boss is certainly one of the most annoying boss yet also the most difficult boss for the whole game(AKA SOLO player worst enemy). Recently, I just got into the 5th and 6th floor, sure monsters there is like hell. Specifically, TENTACLE BOSS, attack 2 tiles away with 10k health point. Ugh, this is certainly not going well for me. Mainly, because this boss might requires some teamwork and strategy.(finding the right people to help you is difficult) Did anyone manage to kill it alone? What kind of strategy did you do? Hope everyone would share some thoughts about this. (300 copper arrows can kill it, I heard) I hope small tentacle also drops tentacle crystal....
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There are many strategies and it all depends on your play style. You can crop the area with fencing so no other land monsters can join the battle, use ice arrows to slow it's movement, drink potions to increase defense, kite it with arrows as you mentioned. You will have to explore what works and what doesn't. It is sandbox after all.

And get your friends to help you would be the best way as it is 4 vs 1 after all.
thank you for the ice arrow advice I didn't know that it could slow enemy movements
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